Cloud Financial Software Applications

Qtzl provides streamlined, elegant financial software solutions that provide all functionality the typical user would need for your company’s processing needs. The software is cloud-based, and is available via virtually any browser or mobile device. You can sign up for any number of users your operation may need. Full audit and compliance reporting is available. The data is encrypted, and full security measures are taken to ensure regulatory requirements.

About Us

Qtzl Software was born out of the decades of financial software experience of our parent company, MIMICS, Inc. Whereas MIMICS provides customized, tailored software solutions, Qtzl provides cloud-based, turn-key solutions, with easy online sign-ups, minimal upfront costs, and low monthly billing. So whether you are looking for an in-depth custom experience or a low-impact approach, we have you covered.

Contact Us

Portland Office: 
319 Washington St., Suite 501
Portland, OR 97204

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2620 Dakota NE
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India Office: 
MIMICS East Technologies
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