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  • Web Portal Case Studies: Possibilities in Action

    The MIMICS Web Portal opens up a wide range of possibilities for you in terms of functionality and ways you can interact with your clients. The customizability of the portals means there is no limit to the possibilities of usage. Here are some examples of what our clients use it for:

    Case #1

    Brokerage A wanted to provide a portal for their clients to log on to see their real time positions, transaction history and to be able to download statements and other documents.

    Case #2

    Bank 1 wanted a method in which it could somehow match buyers and sellers of CDs. MIMICS created a portal for Bank 1 that provides an online market-place through the MIMICS-developed web portal where buyers of CDs can be matched with sellers, including issuers of bulk omnibus CDs. The MIMICS web portal allows three different user-types to logon to the site: Investors, Brokers (the people matching the buyers and sellers) and the Custodians (the Bank where the CDs are held in custody). Through the MIMICS web portal, trades can be initiated, new investors can be set up, buyers and sellers can be matched up, and reports can be printed/downloaded. This portal interfaces to the bank’s internal MIMICS CD Custody system.

    Case #3

    Bank 2 already had a customer web portal, but wanted to employ a Fed Funds-specific portal. MIMICS created a web portal for them that allowed downstream bank clients to view their positions and history. In order to provide a seamless transition between the two for their customers, MIMICS used a process wherein customers log in to Bank 2’s normal customer web portal, and when they click a link to view their Fed Funds activity, it launches the MIMICS web portal and passes an encrypted URL that sends account identifiers and a date/time stamp. The MIMICS web portal decrypts and validates that information, and if validated will log the user in automatically. This results in a process for the user where the Fed Funds portal generally appears to be a part of the main customer portal as opposed to a separate portal, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

    Case #4

    Central Bank 1 was looking for a secure method to interact with commercial banks for various purposes. MIMICS created various portals to meet the following functionality:

    ·        Currency Management. This portal allows commercial banks to log on and electronically enter information about currency (notes and coins) the they will be depositing to/withdrawing from the central bank. This information then flows into an approval queue in Central Bank 1’s internal MIMICS Currency Management system.

    ·        Dormant Accounts. This portal allows commercial banks to log on to submit their annual newly-dormant accounts. These are manually entered through a grid entry for low volume or uploaded through a spreadsheet for high volume. The information is validated by the website and then flows into an approval queue in Central Bank 1’s internal MIMICS Dormant Accounts system.

    ·        Exchange Control. This portal allows the commercial banks to submit information (daily, in this case) to Central Bank 1. This information is submitted through the web portal developed by MIMICS through spreadsheet uploads, and then flows through to the Central Bank 1’s internal MIMICS Exchange Control system.

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