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  • MIMICS Software Helps With GDPR Regulations

    The General Data Protection Regulation was implemented by the European Union in May, 2018. The measure mandates a set of standards for companies that handle EU citizens’ data to better safeguard the processing and movement of personal data, including safely handling the transfer of data across borders and anonymizing data collected to protect privacy.

    For more details on GDPR regulations, click HERE.

    MIMICS can help you to be GDRP-compliant in the following ways:

    ·        MIMICS fully encrypts our full databases for all of our software modules.

    ·        Based on your specifications, MIMICS can tokenize data fields, such as account numbers, to ensure anonymity.

    ·        We work with you to ensure that saving sensitive data is not being unnecessarily entered in the database.

    ·        All MIMICS web portals can be programmed to not use cookies, or can be configured to display a consent form for cookie usage.

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