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Customizing Financial Software Solutions
  • MIMICS Elects Lincoln Wildgrube as CEO

    Lincoln Wildgrube has over a decade experience working in the Financial Technology industry.

    The MIMICS Board of Directors has unanimously elected Lincoln Wildgrube as its next President and Chief Executive Officer starting May 1, 2015. Lincoln Wildgrube has distinguished himself serving as Chief Technology Officer for MIMICS since 2002.

    “I am very excited about this opportunity to take the helm at MIMICS, leading it through the next steps of our development and expansion,” said Wildgrube. “Now more than ever it is important that MIMICS focuses on innovation that enables businesses to prosper and grow.”
    “We are starting with a good foundation – a very extensive product base with excellent functionality, a superb support network, and a wonderful customer base. As such, we are making enhancements to our products to provide an improved, consistent User Interface. Upgrades to our technology platform will provide our clients a cutting edge user experience. We also plan to offer more smartphone and tablet-based applications.”
    “All of our products are modularized and can interface with each other, but we will deepen the integration and make the process even more streamlined. We deploy various web-based solution, but we are looking to offer a full cloud-based solution, without compromising our software systems’ flexibility and customization.”
    “We will continue to expand our global customer support facilities and our strategic partnerships, to accommodate our growing international client base, especially in Africa and Asia. We will be offering more customer support levels to help our clients find the proper fit for them, based on the complexity of their operations and their need for customization.”

    Lincoln Wildgrube will succeed Rich Wildgrube, who founded MIMICS in 1976 and has served tirelessly as President since. Rich Wildgrube will assume the role as MIMICS’ new Chief Financial Officer and will be continuing in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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