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Customizing Financial Software Solutions
  • MIMICS Customizes Solutions to Meet Your Needs

    Your business needs are not static; they are dynamic and evolving. MIMICS software is built with growth and adaptation in mind.

    MIMICS was born over forty years ago by addressing the specific functionality needs of our first client. It’s a principle that still guides us today and the ability to customize our software to meet those unique individual needs of our clients still sets us apart. If it doesn’t exist, we build it. Simple as that.

    Client Capital One addressed some pain points, such as manually processing NACHA files over $99 million, and capturing and entering 1099 data for Euro customers. We worked closely with them to clearly identify the issues and nail down specifications to create custom solutions. As a result, they were able to mitigate 23 identified risks. READ MORE HERE.

    We are currently working with multiple banking prospects who approached us about 1031 swaps. 1031s allows customers to postpone paying tax money earned for selling a property if they reinvest the proceeds in a similar property.

    Many clients have also approached us about new IFRS 9 regulations. A replacement of IAS 39, IFRS 9 goes into effect in 2018. It addresses three main areas, which are: classification and measurement, impairment and hedge accounting.

    These are just a few examples of some of the customizations that are possible. Additionally, we can customize forms or reports to your specifications, as needed.

    If you have functionality needs that are new or changing we can help. As a general guideline, the process looks like THIS. Feel free to contact us through the support portal or via our SALES department. We look forward to growing with you!