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  • MIMICS CRM Training Prepares Jamaican Holding Company for Upcoming User Acceptance Test

    Congratulations to Sterling Asset Management, Ltd., whose team just the completed training of the MIMICS CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module!

    This training paves the way for a full test of the system. It gives the team members time to explore the ins and outs of the system and its myriad features at their own pace, and to have any questions answered by the MIMICS team along the way. Once the team is completely comfortable, they complete the User Acceptance Test, and then they go live.

    The MIMICS CRM software is one of our most popular products because of the many beneficial functions for both the users and their clients. For the users, it is a powerfully adept prospecting tool that organizes and consolidates leads across MIMICS and third-party software. “Prospects” can be converted to a “customer” at the click of a button, with real-time importation of data. Both business and individual information can be saved and tracked in multiple levels, including by corporation, staff, spouses and beneficiaries. And the contact tracker ensures you never miss a follow-up call or forget where you left off as you progress through the sales cycle.

    MIMICS tracks the customer portfolios for four of Sterling Asset Management’s companies, centralizing the information from all four into one database, for easy access. And for its customers, holdings from any and all of the four companies are now combined onto one statement, instead of individual ones. Less paperwork, less to sort out, and much more user-friendly for both Sterling Assets and its clients. 

    This training was performed remotely via Webex to several Sterling team members, and took about two hours. MIMICS also offers on-site trainings at the company’s discretion.

    We at MIMICS are very proud that Sterling Asset Managements has been a client of ours now for over seven years, and it continues to be an excellent working relationship. We will be there through their UAT and beyond!