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Customizing Financial Software Solutions
  • Jamaican Asset Manager Expands its Relationship with MIMICS

    It’s never a bad idea to take a page from one’s own playbook from time to time. Credit Union Fund Management Company (CUFMC), a Jamaican asset manager, put its own tagline of “Make more possible…” into action by licensing the MIMICS Equity Trading module.

    The Equity Trading software serves many functions, such as the ability to track orders placed at the Jamaican Stock Exchange, as and logs all commissions, taxes and fees automatically. This all adds up to a streamlined workflow and better efficiency in daily operations for CUFMC.

    CUFMC is a Kingston-based wealth and asset manager that serves corporations as well as individuals of high wealth. They have been serving clients for over 15 years, providing pension fund management, portfolio management and corporate financing.

    CUFMC is a long-time client of MIMICS, beginning nearly a decade ago by licensing the MIMICS Customer Portfolio software. They currently license over ten products, and MIMICS wishes them the very best, with their most recent implementation and beyond.