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Customizing Financial Software Solutions
  • How to Get Your Customized Software Solution

    If you have identified an area of opportunity that is not being addressed or that could be improved by our software, it may be time to think about a custom solution.

    “Custom solution” may seem abstract, but essentially, it is usually an area of functionality that would improve your overall workflow. Everyone’s operations are different, and the flexibility of our software enables us to customize it meet almost any need.

    To demystify it a bit, let’s walk through how a typical customized solution comes to be:

    1.      You identify an area of opportunity, be it a new business venture or an improvement to a current process.

    2.      You contact us either via the support portal or through our sales department with your request.

    3.      We work closely with you, back and forth, to define complete specifications of the required work.

    4.      Once the specifications are completed and agreed upon, we send them to our relevant programming/consulting/training team to get an estimate for the hours required for the work.

    5.      We inform you of the estimated hours required, and the estimated cost associated with that work.

    6.      If you find that acceptable, we draft a Programming, Consulting, or Training Services Contract (PSC, CSC, or TSC) for the requested work. This includes the definition of the required work, the estimated hours and cost. In the case of larger jobs, we ask for a 50% down payment before work begins.

    7.      After receipt of the signed contract and down payment (if applicable), we perform the contracted work and track all hours used.

    8.      When the work is completed and installed, you will be informed, and provided any instructions that may be required. We then invoice for the balance due, based on the actual hours used (not to exceed the contracted amount).

    If you have questions, or would like to get started on a customization, CONTACT US.