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Customizing Financial Software Solutions
  • Customer Web Portal Offers Expand Functionality, Customer Touchpoints

    The MIMICS Web Portal provides a customized web interface for your customers, giving them an active, secure medium for interaction with you. Depending on your business model, your customers may be individuals, corporations, downstream banks, commercial bank or other financial institution you deal with. Designed to your specifications, the look and aesthetics of the portal are tailored to match those of your own website. The web portal integrates seamlessly with all MIMICS financial software.

    The functions vary by need, but some popular examples are:

    • Providing clients access to view or download statements, confirmations, reports or any other printed item

    • Displaying view screens/grids for positions, transaction history, or projections

    • Facilitating the entering of data, such as placing orders online, that then automatically interface with the other modules

    • Providing a secure site for downloading static documents, such as PDF statements, legal forms, etc.

    Pricing is based on functionality, i.e. the number of pages you require to be created. Please contact MIMICS to see some examples or to discuss your functional needs.