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  • 3 Ways a Customized Web Portal Improves CX

    The CX (customer experience) landscape is changing very quickly, and challenging businesses to revamp existing models to meet evolving consumer demands. Customers are increasingly turning to DIY-based models when it comes to getting the service they require. Gartner predicts that by 2020, customer will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise with zero human interaction.

    This is an adjustment to the collective mindset of many traditional customer service models. The personal touch of a customer service call is not necessarily gone; it’s just being re-defined. As things continue to trend in this direction, businesses need to adapt or risk getting left behind.

    Functionality and accessibility rank far higher to the modern consumer than a friendly customer service rep. Service has become more about self-help, the empowering feeling of doing it oneself. The way we can help them accomplish this is by giving them with the tools to succeed. To paraphrase the old adage, giving them customer service once solves one issue; teaching them customer service gives them the skills to solve every issue.

    Forbes defines CX as the “cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints.” The first of these touchpoints for many customers is the web portal, the digital welcome mat, from which they enter your site. First impressions matter, and a web portal is certainly no exception. Here are three business benefits of having a customized web portal:

    1. Customized content. Who knows your customers better than you? You control exactly what your customers see, the look and feel of the portal and the functionality available. You tailor the portal to ensure the highest level of CX. 

    2. The Hidden Value of DIY. With customers demanding more self-service options, companies are moving further and further away from traditional call centers. Many companies don’t even list a phone number now, and instead guide customers through the system. By giving them the tools needed to succeed efficiently on their own, you set them up for excellent self-service, while also saving on time and labor spent solving these issues. 

    3. Customer Engagement. 56% of customers leave or go to a competitor because of website issues. By customizing a portal to give them exactly what they want, you will ensure that they will be fully engaged. This will also lead to positive feedback and word-of-mouth that can bring business from that dissatisfied segment of the population.

    The MIMICS Web Portal offers you and your business limitless possibilities. All portals are customized to match the aesthetic feel of your site, and you are the architect. We will help you build the perfect portal to serve the needs of your clients. Contact us for a free demo.