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MIMICS Reconciliation Software

The MIMICS Reconciliation Software is used to reconcile cash balances, cash transactions, share balances, share transactions and any other fields between any two electronic files or sources, including from any other MIMICS software system. For example, the system may be used to reconcile the Share Balance between the MIMICS Customer Portfolio software system against an electronic file sent from a custodian. Contact us to find out how our software can handle all your needs.

The user will set up specific recurring reconciliations that will, among other things, define the two source files to be reconciled to each other. Templates will be set up then for each source file to map the fields to be compared. In addition tolerances can be set up that will allow the system to do “close” matches: those that are not exact but are within the tolerances. The system can also check for transpositions and other “typos” on the source files.

Reconciliation Types

Setting up reconciliation types allows the user to define, by a simple name, the specific reconciliation to be used. Associated with the Recon Type identifier is, among other things, a general definition of the two source files, referred to as A and B, and the fields to be reconciled.

Field Definitions

The user will define the fields which will be compared between A and B. The names for the fields are user-defined for ease of understanding. They do not have to be the same name that is used on either A or B since the names from an external source may be somewhat cryptic. The fields are described briefly with the type of field, e.g. character or number, and the field length for character data. For example there may be fields for Customer, Transaction Date, and Amount. These have the field types of Character, Date, and Number, respectively.

Severity Codes

Each of the reconciliation criteria explained below will have a severity code associated with it. An exact match will have a severity code of zero. Any close match or other match may have an arbitrary code set that is greater than zero. The system will report the reconciliation by severity code to allow for easier analysis of the reconciliation. Non-matches do not have a severity code and are grouped separately.

Reconciliation Criteria

For each field, the user will then set the reconciliation criteria. There can be multiple criteria per field. The system can find exact matches; close matches for numeric fields; matches due to transposition, and others. Using the example of fields above, we may require the Customer to be and exact match, the Data to be an exact match, but we may want to treat the Amount differently. We can set an Exact Match with a severity code of zero while a close match that is within a 0.50 range may have a severity code of one. A transposition error may have a severity code of five.

Define Import Templates

At this point the user will have to define templates for the two source files A and B. These files will be in either csv, text, spreadsheet, or MIMICS file format. The template is linked to the specific file name (or, for example, spreadsheet name). The system will examine the source file and will display the names of the fields available, e.g., spreadsheet column headings. The fields to compare that were already defined in the Recon Field Definitions will also be displayed. The user will simply map the available fields to the recon fields to compare, by dragging and dropping one to the other to complete the template. After this has been accomplished for both A and B, the system is set up to do recurring reconciliations of the two files whose templates were defined and according to the reconciliation criteria defined.

Unlimited Recon Types

This procedure can be followed to set up any number of reconciliations. There may be multiple reconciliations for multiple cash accounts; for positions in multiple portfolios; for General Ledger transactions on multiple GLs, and any number of other recons. The setup for a recon is done only once. A recon process can be changed if the recon criteria are changed, if the input file formats change, or if you want to change the process in any other way. Other than this you will not have to go back to revisit the reconciliation type setup or the template setup.

The MIMICS Reconciliation Software is very flexible so that your reconciliation needs are not limited only to reconciling to a MIMICS System. The system can run standalone or on a network.

Add-On Module Options


Centralize and manage all aspects of client communications including sales/marketing campaigns, and history of service across multiple MIMICS modules. Read More ^

Disaster Recovery

Ensures that your data and system is protected and can be fully accessed or restored in the event of catastrophe. Read More ^

Email Option

Allows customer forms such as confirmations and statements to be encrypted and emailed automatically. Read More ^

Customer Web Portal

A customized web interface that allows your customers to view history and to place requests, with the look and aesthetics to match your own website. Read More ^

Direct Data Connection

Allows secure, read-only access to aspects of the database of the related MIMICS module, for data mining or to allow you to create your own reports or exports. Read More ^


Includes functionality for general ledger, accounts receivable/payable, fixed assets, payment processing, purchasing and account reconciliation. Can interface with any other MIMICS module. Read More ^

How Our Software Helps You

User Experience

You deserve better financial software. We have been thoughtfully crafting intuitive, easy-to-use software for decades to give you more of what you want, less of what you don’t.


Software should not be one-size-fits-all. We take the time to get to know what makes you you, so that we can customize our software to offer a product that is exactly to your specifications and intuitively easy to use.

Boost Productivity

Our software does much of the “heavy lifting” of calculating, processing and automating to help greatly boost your productivity, streamline workflow operations and get you moving at optimal efficiency.

Save Money

Beyond the labor you will save with the wide-ranging functionality our software provides, our customizations give you more of what you want for a lower price than our competition.

Secure Your Data

We respect the sensitive nature of your information. That’s why we offer industry-exceeding security, including fully-encrypted databases and data tokenization.

Unparalleled Support

We truly pride ourselves on our friendly, responsive customer support, day or night. We love our customers and strive for 100% client satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it; read what our actual users say.

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