MIMICS Sales Commissions Software

MIMICS Sales Commissions Software can be used in a standalone mode - without interfacing with any other MIMICS system - or it can be embedded in virtually any MIMICS products you wish. The system will automatically calculate sales commissions for any trade in the system depending upon the parameters that you, the user, define. For example, the system can calculate commissions on just sales or for purchases also. The salesperson can receive the complete commission on a trade or the system can share the commission with a team of salespeople. When the system calculates the commissions, it saves the transaction for tracking purposes. Several reports are printed, and custom reports can be created by the user.

Software Features

Types Of Commissions
  • User Defined Commission Types
  • Reporting Segregated By Commission Types
Registered Rep
  • Unique Commission Schedule For Each Rep
  • Commission Rates By Security Type
  • Override Set Commissions
Team Sales
  • Create Ad Hoc Sales Teams
  • Any Number Of Representatives On A Team
  • Define Commission Split On The Fly
Security & Audit
  • Multi-Level Passwording
  • Complete Chronological Audit Trail
  • Encrypted Files
  • General Ledger Export
  • Interfaces With All MIMICS Systems
Commission Reporting
  • New Commission Transactions
  • Commission Schedule By Rep
  • Sales Team
  • Sales Commissions By Rep
  • Sales Commissions By Product
Optional Embedded Report Writer
  • Easy To Use Columnar Reporting
  • Free Form Statement Type Reports
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Multiple Line Item Reporting
  • File Export To Other Packages
  • Sophisticated And/Or/If Statements